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Tartu and South-Estonia

Tartu and South-Estonia beckon as the ideal backdrop for your next cinematic masterpiece. With a tapestry of diverse landscapes, from enchanting forests and pristine lakes to historic architecture and vibrant urban settings, this region offers a wealth of captivating locations. Embrace the warmth of a supportive local community and a filmmaker-friendly environment that welcomes both creativity and innovation. Choose Tartu and South- Estonia for your next production, where nature, culture, and cinematic potential converge to create an unparalleled canvas for your storytelling!

Varied Landscapes

South Estonia boasts a diverse range of landscapes, including dense forests, rolling hills, picturesque lakes, and serene rivers. This natural variety provides an array of scenic options for your production.

Historic Architecture

The region is home to well-preserved manor houses, and charming old towns, such as Tartu. These sites offer a historical backdrop for period pieces and classic settings.

Vibrant Cultural Life

Tartu is a vibrant cultural center, hosting festivals, concerts, and events that can enhance your production with local talent and cultural richness. In 2024 Tartu is a Europen Capital of Culture!

Breathtaking Nature Reserves

South-Estonia features several enchanting nature reserves, including Karula and Haanja National Park sand the Ahja River Valley, where untouched wilderness and scenic beauty abound.

Traditions and Folklore

Explore the rich Estonian folklore, traditions, and rituals that are still celebrated in the region, providing unique storytelling opportunities and cultural depth.

Small Charming Villages

South-Estonia is dotted with small, picturesque villages, each with its own character and charm, offering authentic rural settings.

Four Seasons

Experience the magic of all four seasons, as the region transforms with each one, from the lush greens of spring and summer to the golden hues of autumn and the snow-covered wonderland of winter.

Film-Friendly Infrastructure

With a growing film industry, Tartu filmfund offers production support and cash rebate up to 30% from regional costs and local expertise, ensuring a smooth filmmaking process. Read more from: https://www.tartufilmfund.ee/


13.11 networking event takes place at  Aparaaditehas, Club Gutenberg, Kastani 42, Tartu.

14.11 location session event takes place in Tartu Loomemajanduskeskus, Kalevi 17. 

Travel to Tartu:


Bus: https://luxexpress.eu/en/
Train: https://elron.ee/en
Tartu is about 180 km from Tallinn


Bus: https://luxexpress.eu/en/
Car: Tartu is about 245 km from Riga

For seminar participants we have a bus to Tallinn on 14.11 at 16.30 from Kalevi 17.


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