Nele Paves is a Film Commissioner for the Film Estonia cash rebate incentive. Her work experience in audio visual field includes creating and managing a TV channel for 10 years and she has a degree in international business administration with emphasis on marketing. Since 2018 she has been managing the cash rebate incentive from applications to auditing.


E.J. Richards is a Supervising Location Manager with a diverse career spanning nearly three decades. In 2013, E.J. moved into the location department, embarking on an exciting ten year journey working on a wide spectrum of projects, from British independent films to Hollywood blockbusters. E.J. recently served as Supervising Location Manager for the 2023 Marvel TV series 'Secret Invasion’, and is currently overseeing the second season of the Netflix political drama 'The Diplomat’. E.J. holds memberships in the Production Guild, the LMGI, and serves as vice-chair of the Locations branch of the British crew union BECTU.


Jūratė Pazikaitė holds an MA in International Business and Management. She began her career in economics and investment before drifting into the film industry. Working at the Vilnius Film Office since its establishment, J. Pazikaitė has accommodated the most significant film projects in Vilnius, including "Chernobyl", "Stranger Things", "Sisi"," Catherine the Great", "War and Peace" and more. She was honoured with the National Film Award for the impact on the film industry and other essential mentions.


John Rakich has been working for over 20 years as a Location Scout and Location Manager with numerous credits spanning feature film and television projects (such as American Gods, Pixels, Hemlock Grove and Shadowhunters). John is also a long-time member of the Directors Guild of Canada in the Ontario District Council, now as board member and their current Locations Caucus Representative. He was also the first member from Toronto to join the LMGI in 2015.


Kristofer Piir (b. 1991) is an Estonian producer & location scout/managaer based in Tallinn. He graduated from the Baltic Film and Media School in 2014 with a BA in Audiovisual Media. Kristofer’s professional film career got kicked of in 2012 he got an intern position in location department on a local feature production. After years of freelance location and production work, he joined Allfilm’s production team in 2019 as a Service Line-Producer for international features and scripted TV-dramas. Some of his credits as a location scout & manager include “The Eternal Road” by AJ Annila, “Truth & Justice” by Tanel Toom & “Tenet” by Christopher Nolan.

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